Leechburg's Pink Day

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What is Leechburg's Pink Day?

Leechburg’s Pink Day Celebration and Fundraiser was established in 2011 by Leechburg business owners, Gary and Vicki Peterman. They owned a small garden center and gift shop in town, and wishing to become further involved in the community, created an event centered around a pink hydrangea bush. With every sale of this particular hydrangea, a donation was made to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Pink Day has since been held annually on the 3rd Saturday each September, on our main Leechburg business avenue, Market Street. Local officials close down traffic for a 3 block area, creating our festival like atmosphere. Our event has grown enormously over the past years, attracting thousands of attendees annually. READ MORE…

A Trip to pink day

Come with Mia and her friends to visit Pink Day! It is a special event in their town to raise money for breast cancer research. Mia, Abby, Cole, and Rocky walk through the festival from beginning to end visiting the booths. Watching the entertainment, eating the food, and having a blast in the Kidzone section. There are many pink days held all over the world to help raise money for breast cancer research. This particular story is based on a small town in western Pennsylvania called Leechburg. Countless people have spent years to make this event an annual festival that people look forward to. Gary Peterman was the founder of our Pink day and Sherry Price is the event organizer and helped advise me on this book. I’ve been able to participate as a vendor a few times and the illustrations and story are fictional, but based on my experiences attending the event. There are many community members that help out by volunteering, attending fundraisers, and sponsoring the event. If anyone is left out of this book it is unintentional as so many people have been associated with Pink Day for the many years it has been celebrated.

100% of the proceeds from this book will be donated back to the Breast Cancer Research Fund via Leechburg’s Pink Day collection.

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